Art Deco 'Bitter Le Coq' Marcello Nizzoli Poster

Art Deco 'Bitter Le Coq' Marcello Nizzoli Poster


A striking & beautiful original circa 1930's Art Deco poster by Marcello Nizzoli designed for a Swiss Liqueur. "Bitter Le Coq's" famous rooster mascot is sophisticated, powerful & handsome all at the same time.

Designed as an in-store display so was produced with a cardboard backing & two string holes at the top so that the work could be hung above the liquor display in stores. A rare & beautiful piece that is both playful & graphically striking at the same time.

Professionally framed. Great colour. Great graphics. Circa 1930's, a fabulous piece. Measures15" x 11." 

Nizzoli (1887-1960) was one of Italy’s most versatile & progressive designers of the 20's & 30's. Like Cassandre in France, he sought new & daring solutions to advertising in the Machine Age, looking to modern art ; Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism & Constructivism for inspiration.